Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Please join us for an awesome event!!

                  Hike & Seek in Highlands Hammock State Park!

Hi Friends!  I wanted to share an upcoming geocaching event with you.  If y'all remember, last year we attended the inaugural Hike & Seek in Highlands Hammock State Park.  It was our first trip to Highlands Hammock, and we've been back a few times since.  This event was amazing!  The organizer, Sarah (geocaching handle: rabid_duck), put out around 100 geocaches of all types and skill levels.  The scenery was gorgeous and we had a super weekend.  You can find my blog entry on the event HERE.
The Hike & Seek event coincides with the annual Civilian Conservation Corps Festival. The CCC workers created our first state parks, including Highlands Hammock, and the museum dedicated to them is a humbling experience to look through. 
Okay, here's the skinny:  You can find the official Geocaching event publication HERE.
You can find the Highlands Hammock State Park webpage HERE.
You can reserve a campsite...the BEST!!... way to experience this event (my opinion, of course, but it's true!)....HERE.
So, that's it.  Highlands Hammock State Park, November 3rd.  9am at the Rec Hall.  If you have any questions about geocaching, have been curious to try it out, or want to meet new friends, COME.  Feel free to leave me a comment and ask any questions, too.  Or, you can contact Sarah, too:  DTISarah@gmail.com
Okay, one last thing.  We met and made many new friends at this event last year.  I can't say enough how much I loved attending!  But to make it even sweeter, we got to know Sarah.  She worked her ass off putting this event together, and I really love her for it.  You can tell she's dedicated to this park, and I'm so glad we've gotten to know her better.  She is a true friend, and I know she...and I...and Rob...would love it if you'd attend with us this year!
Okay, that's the end, for real.