Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trips 24 and 25: Carl Duval Moore State Forest and Wings Over Waves Airshow

State Parks visited: 23

Where in the world have we been?!?  I just checked and realized I haven't updated this blog since September.  Wow.  I am so sorry to the friends and not-yet-friends who check in here to read about our latest adventures.

The truth is, there haven't been many of them.  The beginning of the school year has kept us closer to home and less willing to add extra days to our weekends for out-of-town trips.  Rob's work has been busy, which is really something of a good thing.  It keeps him out on the weekends, however, and that doesn't really help us take a family trip. 

Oh well.  Still, we managed to fit in a couple of adventure in the past 6 weeks.  We went hiking in a state forest one Saturday, and then to an airshow one Sunday.  Small trips, but out of the house nonetheless.  Here is a brief summary of both.  Enjoy!

Carl Duval Moore State Forest is outside the city of Palatka, which is just over an hour from here.  We had been eyeing it as another hike for our Trailwalker patch, and decided finally to make the trip.  One of Olivia's friends needed a sitter for the day, so we invited Drake along for the hike, too.  It was interesting, having another little one with us!

The hike was relatively short...a 1.5 mile loop...and we made a pitstop at the Up & Down Lake:

The little boardwalk here is apparently a popular place to hang out and drink beers, and the whole area was trashed.  We spent a while cleaning up and came out with a couple of bags of trash.  Gotta look out for Mom Nature!

Here are a few other photo highlights:

Our day hiking, and having Drake along, was a lot of fun!  We managed to all get along and not get stressed out or anything.  Drake even had a great time and has asked to come along with us every weekend.

On Sunday, 10/10/10, we had the pleasure of attending the Wings Over Waves Airshow in Daytona Beach.  This airshow is directly on the water, and it's breathtaking!  It's also kinda rare...I think it's been about 7 years since they've had it, and now it won't be coming back around until 2012.  We really wanted to check it out, and I'm so glad we did!  Still, parking was less than stellar and we ended up walking a couple of miles down the beach before we got to see the main show.  Sadly, most of our pictures...blame me!!... are of the stark blue sky.  Hmmpphh.  The best pictures I was able to capture are from the finale, the Canadian Snowbirds.  Enjoy!

And that is *almost* everything we've done for the past 6 weeks, give or take.  I do have to post about our trip to Wekiva Springs State Park, which will get its own entry.  Plus Olivia and I took a day trip to the Pioneer Settlement for the Arts Fall Jamboree, and that will get its own entry as well.  For now, though, this is as caught up as I can get!

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